As summarized by the Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School Belief Statements, SLS strives to address the needs of the whole child. From the moment students arrive to the end

of the school day and in every extra-curricular activity, SLS offers academic, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social support to each student. There are programs in place and activities offered to students at every grade level.

As students arrive, duty personnel and junior high students are waiting to greet and safely monitor students as they move to their designated locations. Each day, students begin their day with prayer and morning announcements on student-operated networked “KSLS News.” In addition to lessons in all of the core subjects, lessons in technology are provided through

both separate and integrated instruction.

Art classes encourage whole brain usage and allow the expression of students' artistic side. Foreign language instruction in Spanish lays the foundation for students as high school requirements in that area continue to

become more challenging.

Recesses offer breaks during the school day for students

to “recharge” before re-engaging in rigorous study.

Our school nutrition program offers healthy meals to all students at SLS. The physical education program

allows students to learn athletic skills, practice gross motor skills and develop physical strength. The PE program is enhanced by additional after-school athletic opportunities in which students may choose to participate.

The emotional and social aspects of the whole child are supported as well. Our religion program serves to coordinate campus religious activities, rituals, and prayers. Lessons in liturgical music enhance the quality of school and class masses. The SLS guidance department directs all standardized testing, student academic classroom accommodations, and personal, social and emotional counseling. In addition, our “Roots & Wings” program provides students with tools to make wise choices for themselves as they build strong character.

SLS students may choose membership in one or several other clubs to enhance their SLS experience. These clubs offer experiences for a wide variety of students with a wide variety of interests. From school programming to school facilities, no stone has been left unturned. SLS strives to accommodate the needs of all students.