Students have many opportunities for extracurricular activities in a variety of interest areas. Also, see the Faith Formation page and Religious & Service Activities for additional groups and specialized pursuits.

Art Club - Grades 5-8

Students further their knowledge in the arts, including visual and performing arts.

Duke University Talent Programs - Grades 4, 5, 7

Students are recognized for academic abilities by participating in advanced assessment for state and national recognition.

EarlyActâ„¢ - Grades 3-5

The Rotary Club of Lafayette North sponsors the first EarlyActâ„¢ Club in Lafayette at SLS. Club members determine their annual community service activities based on Rotary International's 3-H model, which focuses on health, hunger and humanitarian concerns.

National Jr. BETA Club - Grades 6-8

Middle school students meeting academic requirements participate in this national service organization.

Peer Mediation - Grades 5-8

Students are trained to be peer mediators. They assist other students who have disputes develop resolutions acceptable to all parties.

Piano - Grades K-8

Private after-school lessons are available.

Quiz Bowl - Grades 6-8

Students participate in school and local academic competitions. Intramural competition with school teams.

Scouting - Grades 1-5

Students and their families are involved in various skills and character building programs.

Spelling Bee - Grades 2-8

Students participate in grade-level spelling contests with winning students proceeding to a Regional Spelling Bee.

Student Council - Grades 4-8

Student representatives and leaders are selected to promote good citizenship, and school spirit, while contributing to a Christian atmosphere.

SWAT - Students Working to Advance Technology

Students assist with technology maintenance in the classrooms, research timely technical topics and learn cutting-edge technology, with access to advanced hardware and software.