The degree of community involvement and support is perhaps one of the greatest indicators of any effective Catholic elementary school. Such is the case at

Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School. Through the years,

SLS has built strong relationships with individuals, businesses and organizations in Acadiana, an area which is very well known for its generous spirit. SLS is frequently the recipient of much local generosity. Many of our educational programs, be they spiritual, academic or athletic, are enhanced as a direct result of the many partnerships developed with our community supporters.

It should come as no surprise that engaging the community in the spiritual and academic education of its children is an integral part of the Catholic school culture and is also considered one of the unique strengths of Catholic education. Involving the community in the educational process has a direct impact on enhancing school climate, improving academic achievement and fostering the long-term success of students. In short, investing in children is an investment in the future of our community.

Accepting support and involvement from our community partners continues to be the perfect model for meeting

one of our school’s primary goals of teaching our students that it is better to give than to receive. In conjunction with our parents, who are the primary educators of their child’s faith, our school focuses on helping students grow closer

to God through knowledge and power. We accomplish

this by teaching the students to know Jesus, His teachings, and the doctrines of our Catholic faith. We deepen the relationship of students with Jesus by having them live their faith through service to others. Every SLS student from PreK through 8th grade is required each nine weeks to live their faith by performing individual service in the community. Additionally, our students are required to participate in both class and school-wide service projects that benefit our community.

In summary, students who have made Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School their home go forth from our school

having received the best Catholic education possible,

both spiritually and academically. They leave SLS

truly knowing who Jesus is and possess a mature living faith which instills an eagerness to give back to the community that once gave to them.