A number of activities are offered to complement classroom religious instruction and teach students how to integrate their faith into their daily lives.


All students, faculty, and staff are personally committed to the SLS mission statement, especially the part which states “...dedicated to serving others.”

The school is blessed to have the opportunity to promote/sponsor humanitarian projects benefitting our local community and beyond throughout the school year. These include Pantry Parties in the fall and spring for various service organizations as well as having established a personal relationship with the following community service partners:

Pre K and K: The Sisters of Mount Carmel

1st grade: St. Joseph’s Men’s Shelter

2nd grade: Heart Strings and Angel Wings

3rd: Faith House

4th: Diocese of Lafayette Seminarians

5th grade: Courtyard Manor Assisted Living

7th grade: LARC

8th grade: Munchkin/Buddy program (Kindergarten and 8th grade students)

Faculty and Staff: FoodNet and Sisters of Mount Carmel

Students in grades PreK through 8th are required to fulfill individual mandatory service requirements outside of school each quarter called “Living Faith.” Living faith hours vary from 45 minutes in PreK to 5 hours in 8th grade per nine weeks. In addition to the service, students in grades 3-8 are asked to reflect upon the scripture reading from the Mass/Services they attended.

Liturgy, Prayer Services, and Prayer

SLS students are expected to attend weekend Masses/services at their respective church parishes. At SLS, school-wide Eucharistic Liturgies are provide twice a month and grades 2-8 have 2 class Masses a year in the school Chapel.

Prayer services such as the Pet Blessing, the living rosary, the “live” nativity, and the “live” Stations of the Cross” are some of our annual spiritual experiences each year.

Prayer is an essential element throughout the school day:

  • School-wide Morning and Afternoon prayer
  • Prayer to begin each new class period
  • Music Mondays-each class practices the music for the upcoming Mass
  • Treasured Tuesdays-Liturgy days
  • WOW Wednesdays-praise and worship for grades 5-8
  • Thankful Thursdays-activities for grades PreK-4
  • Faithful Fridays-rosary in the SLS Chapel


The responsibility of SLS is to complement the role of the parents while creating a holy environment for students to continue to grow in the image and likeness of God.  Working as a partner with parents, we invite and encourage parents to participate in all religious events and share in the desire that our students progressively grow to become involved active member of the church and society.