Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School


School Programs

The curriculum followed by Sts. Leo- Seton Catholic School is aligned with state curriculum guidelines and Advanced accreditation standards. It is further enhanced by the school’s pledge to improve student performance as set forth in the School Improvement Plan. The academic needs of each student are supplemented by the SLS Multimedia Library, technology, field studies, enrichment courses, and small group tutoring available in reading for grades 1-2 and in math for grades 2-5.

Teachers from Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School have cohesively worked to create curriculum maps at each grade level and they continue to work collaboratively to make curricular adjustments at various grade levels when needed


Daily religious instruction is administered at each grade level. The skills covered in the religion series are enhanced by daily school and class prayer, school, class and/or community masses, annual religious themes, service projects, and prayer services.


Students in pre-kindergarten through first grade receive phonics and basic comprehension instruction enhanced by immersion into literature and engagement in writing activities. The reading program covers decoding and comprehension skills at each grade level and increases in difficulty through the grade levels as students are challenged to deeper understanding of presented text. Novel studies are used to enhance student learning in grades 2 through 8 as a means for students to extrapolate information from “real” text. Vocabulary development is crucial for comprehension and is nurtured in a variety of ways at each grade level.

Language Arts

Students receive both grammatical and practical writing instruction at each grade level. Direct instruction in grammar is applied through a variety of writing experiences.


Math instruction begins at the pre-kindergarten level with an introduction to basic mathematical concepts through daily calendar and center activities. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade receive instruction on math facts and basic operations. Students in grades six through eight are challenged to a deeper understanding of math through practical application of basic math and algebra skills. Problem solving skills are an integral part of instruction at all grade levels.


All students receive art instruction with an emphasis on color, technique, and exposure to famous artists and their works.

Science and Social Studies

Students in pre-kindergarten through third grade receive instruction in environmental studies which include both science and social studies skills. Both subjects are taught daily at the 4th – 8th grade level. Beginning at the 6th grade level, specific areas of study are taught in depth in both science and social studies (shown below.)


Technological skills are taught through frequent visits to one of our three computer centers and through the integration of technology in each of the subjects using Eno Interactive White Boards, Chromebooks, library computers, innovative software, and a variety of other media.

Physical Education

In promoting education for the “whole child,” the SLS physical education program offers students instruction in gross motor skills, health, and research in the health and physical education field, as well as skill development for general physical fitness and for various sports and games.


In addition to art instruction, physical education, and technological integration, SLS offers a variety of other enrichment courses that enhance the academic curriculum. Roots and Wings is a guidance program that was developed at SLS by teachers, parents and the administration and helps students in grades 1 through 5 accept themselves, form positive relationships, and make good decisions. Liturgical music instruction is integrated into the religion program at all grade levels. Spanish is taught weekly to students in grades PreK – 8.

Individual Special Needs

Students who meet Title 1 criteria, set by the Lafayette Parish School System, receive remediation under the services of Title 1.


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