Blessing of the Pets at Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School

St. Francis of Assisi, whose feast day is October 4th, is the patron saint of animals and the environment and at Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School, we have a unique tradition each year to celebrate the work of St. Francis of Assisi: Blessing of the Pets.

If you have a pet, then we are sure you’ll agree that they are more than just companions. Our pets are beloved members of our families, so it is only natural that we have blessings bestowed upon them. Because of this, we look forward to this annual ceremony.

Come One, Come All: Tails and Wings Allowed

Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School began this tradition of celebrating pets more than 12 years ago. Each October, we hold a Blessing of the Pets service where we invite families to bring their pets to be blessed. Through this yearly ceremony, our school celebrates St. Francis of Assisi and his work with animals. We also use the opportunity to celebrate our students as caregivers of animals, highlighting the impact pets have on the lives of children and the responsibility they teach them.

This year, Sts. Leo-Seton held the Blessing ceremony on Tuesday, October 5. The sixth-grade class hosted the service, and Fr. David Hebert blessed the pets. The prayer ceremony was lively with many pet participants, including a goose, chicken, dogs, cats, hamsters, and more!

We are thankful to all who came out and participated in this year’s ceremony. It is always wonderful to see our students and their families come together to celebrate the Catholic Faith!

Grow in Holiness at Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School

At Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School, we are family, which includes pets, too! This ceremony is only one of the many opportunities our students and their families have to grow in Faith, so that they can form a deeper relationship with God.

If you are interested in joining our SLS lion family and would like more information about our school, visit our Admissions page or give us a call at (337) 234-5510.

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